2Today I just wanted to give you a glimpse of our beloved Friendsgiving Dinner which we celebrated for the second time this year. We had a great night with some of our favorite people, had an amazing turkey and lots and lots of delicious side dishes. Remembering this awesome celebration, I wanna wish you all a happy and delicious Thanksgiving Day! This year I achieved a lot of the things I wrote down on my wishlist last New Year’s Eve. A great job opportunity came along the way, I spent many many beautiful moments with my family and my dearest friends, learnt to make my very own pasta, became a bit braver and moved into a new gorgeous appartement. So there are many things I can be truly thankful for. I was wondering – in case you may forgot over the past ten month…What are you guys thankful for this year?


6[We kept the decoration simple with gold spray painted pumpkins, dark brown napkins and candles to let our concrete table be the real star of the party.]

4[I simply designed a Give Thanks Banner on Word and found some cute placecard printables on The Sweetest Occassion.]

10[I gave one of these Thanksgiving Labels to each guest, so everbody could write down what they are thankful for.]

7[Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! I am incredibly thankful for your constant support! ♥Mila.]


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