Since I tend to forget the (good) things and the small achievements of past years, I took a moment earlier today, to take a look at 2013 and wrote down all the things that happened this year. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that suffers setbacks and reaches disappointments, but the most important thing is to bethink oneself of the positive things, the things that empowered us, made us happy, the things that we achieved personally and professionally and the things we are thankful for. Turns out we always seem to want and expect too much and often don’t see what we’ve accomplished so far. So making this list was a great reminder to cherish these things a bit more.


My 2013

Home. [In early autumn, we moved into a new and bigger apartement that we love so much and that really starts to feel like „home“.]

Job. [In spring, I started a new job and couldn’t bee more happy.]

Traditions. [In November, I made our very first, very professional Christmas Card and hope to establish a new family tradition.]

Friends. [We hosted our annual „Friendsgiving“ Dinner that was just lovely.][With a group of 12 people (our closest friends) we flew to London and had a blast.]

Fears. [Since I hadn’t flown in four years and actually was pretty scared, I realized that I still love flying. Yeah!]

Family. [Christmas Eve was such a wonderful night with my gorgeous family and friends, as well as Christmas Day.]

You. [I am so thankful for you guys, for your continued support, kind words and … just for the fact, that you let me be part of your blogging adventures as well.]

there are

  My goals for 2014

Book more weekend escapes. [I think weekend escapes are the best way to relax a bit during stressful worktimes. We already booked a weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day Weekend.]

Be less anxious. [Afraid of flying? – Not anymore. Afraid of climbing? – Not anymore. Turns out most fears are just irrational and become less intimidating once you’ve put yourself in the situation, which is pretty empowering!]

Take more photos. [I want to take more everyday photos, to documents the things that happend in a particular month, how we felt, what we did! Seems pretty exciting to me.]

Adopt a puppy. [Something I am thinking about for several years now. I hope this year will be the year where everything just seems right to adopt a puppy. Since it would be most important to us to satisfy a dog’s needs but we have a pretty full schedule, it may take a while.]

Do you have goals for the upcoming year?I would love to hear! xo Mila.

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2 thoughts on “Reflect.

  1. I’m so happy to know just how wonderful and with “improvement” your past year was. I hope to have similar type of year this coming year, fingers crossed! Can’t wait to see you future puppy. Hugs for the new year!

    • Thanks Sofia. I just wish you ALL the best for the new year! And I am really looking forward to reading a lot more of these beautiful recipes/posts on your blog! xo

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