Ipad Cable Hack.


[This is the story about one young lady who didn’t like her ugly IPad cable anymore. The cable was dirty, nearly broken. But then the young lady found some beautiful washi tape while cleaning her office…. To make a long story short: The carger cable of my beloved IPad just didn’t look pretty anymore. But since I didn’t have the will to spend much money on a new one, I grabbed some looks-a-lot-like-spring washi tape and made it beautiful again! That’s it! And they lived happily ever after. Duh! Don’t judge me, but I love my new charger cable. It looks so funky fresh! πŸ™‚ Hope you like it, too.]


[The ugly, old, almost broken IPad charger cable.]


[To make it pretty again, I just wrapped the washi tape around the cable.]


[I am pretty pleased with the final result and just love how fresh and spring-like it looks. What about you? Do you like it?]



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