This Week’s 4.

2[Project Sneak Peek.]

Finally! After nearly two weeks without internet access at home ( a cable…in the wall…broken…no connection…technic stuff ) I am so happy to be back here. Since January went by incredibly fast (don’t you agree?!) I am so thankful and happy that we started #1picaday this month. Every night I scroll through my Instagram and check out what the other girls did that day. And it still is so much fun. I enjoyed Marie-Pier’s Cocktail Nights, Heather’s awesome goat cheese pizza, Jana’s adventures in London and Carlotta’s incredible Jamie Oliver menues. Just today I took a look back at my pictures. Yes, January went by so fast. It’s almost scary. But I have all these pictures and I can’t stop smiling, because it reminds me of all the beautiful things I did that month. Thank you Marie-Pier, Heather, Carlotta, Jana! It was a pleasure!

lp_brakig_pic01_700x610[New IKEA Collection = β™₯.]

1[Sale Find: Zara Ballet Flats.]

4[New Mirror In The Living Room.]

2nd picture via


9 thoughts on “This Week’s 4.

  1. Hi Mila! Does this post mean your internet is back? How annoying when the technical stuff is broken. Here last night my boiler broke so I have no hot water nor heating.. I can’t get anyone to come and fix it till Monday, brrrrrrr! 😦 (at least my stove works so I can boil water!).
    Love the shoes, I can see they’re Zara, I might go and check them out!

    • Yeah, my internet is back and I am SO thankful. I missed blogging! I can only imagine how cold it must be without heating. Poor you! I hope it will be fixed by tomorrow! Keep us posted! xo Mila.

      • Well, my computer broke (my fault). Thank fully I went to the Apple store this morning and they fixed it in about 10 seconds flat (phew). A guy came this morning and fixed the boiler. Phew. Also last week my mobile phone broke again. Luckily at Christmas my mum had given me one of her old ones just in case. I think that’s enough of things breaking down around me for a while, right?? Things should only run smoothly now. xoxo

    • It is SO beautiful! Love the pastel color scheme. But hey…we just finished our one month mark with #1picaday! Thank you so much for joining, I had so much fun so far! xo Mila.

  2. The IKEA stuff is pretty great! I need to stop by at IKEA soon! πŸ™‚ I will have some days off before my new job starts so maybe I should do that! Glad to hear that you are back online! I really enjoyed the first month of #1picaday and hope that we are all going to continue it… Have a great weekend!!!

    • Thank you Jana! πŸ™‚ I just sent a text to Marie-Pier, telling her how much fun it was and how much I enjoyed it! Thank you so much for joining us! I loved your January Recap Video and can’t wait to continue the whole project. Congratulations on your new job! What do you do?

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