Yellow. Yellow.

My mantel desperately needed a make over. Although it is almost August, our mantel looked a lot like October. Lots of brown and nude tones that matched our wall perfectly. But it needed some change. I needed some change! Luckily … Continue reading

DIY Polka Dot Wall Art.

[A new Wall Art project, lovelies! After I have shared this, this and this Wall Art project, I came up with another one over the weekend. I wanted/needed an accent piece for our bedroom; one that would match our turquoise … Continue reading


[Beautiful Colour Pop Glass via.] I could spend hours thinking about new glassware for our future bar cart. “Future”, because we don’t have one yet, I just haven’t found the one that would fit perfectly. Looking at all these incredibly … Continue reading

.The Great Unboxing.

[Remember how I’ve shared this post about wallets? I desperately wanted a new wallet. A leather wallet. I’ve told you, that I had narrowed it down to four wonderful pieces. Prada. Michael Kors. Tory Burch. and Liebeskind. And remember what … Continue reading

Great finds.

              [Unique giraffe art via.] Oh friends…this week is exhausting! I am working long (long) hours every day and haven’t seen much more than workplace – kitchen – bathroom – bedroom – bathroom – kitchen – workplace … Continue reading

Price Tag.

[Beautiful Grey Prada Wallet via.] Currently, I am obsessed with the idea of a new wallet. I love wallets at least as much as I love purses. So it didn’t take long to find potential candidates. Too many candidates.. I … Continue reading

DIY Inspiration. Lucite Clutch.

I am a big fan of lucite. This transparent and modern material is great to add a stylish and modern twist to your interior – in the form of chairs, lamps, trays…! Lately the lucite trend emerged in the fashion … Continue reading

Let’s talk business.

[Beautiful colors, dotted pants via] Honestly, for me it took some time to find the perfect go-to office uniform. I wanted something that said Business and You can take me seriously but that wasn’t the everybody-wears-the-same-black-suit-white-blouse style. For me, a … Continue reading

Leather Glam.

[Beautiful hair and outfit via] When it comes to leatherpants the first image that normally pops to my head is Ross’s horrible leather-pants-on-a-date-night-experience. [How I miss Friends..!] This is No.1! No.2 seeing strange people wearing leather pants. Or leather pants … Continue reading

Hello, Rainbow.

Remember my gold cuff necklace I upgraded using rhinestones? I just love this necklace, I wear it all the time, but to brave the ongoing wintercold I needed something more colorful. A rainbow inspired necklace. So, as I’ve told you … Continue reading