Say it with a card.

Anyone else totally obsessed with greeting cards? When it comes to sweet notes, I think nothing beats a beautiful handwritten card. In a time where everyone just writes short emails or text messages, a thoughtful written card is such a … Continue reading

Yellow. Yellow.

My mantel desperately needed a make over. Although it is almost August, our mantel looked a lot like October. Lots of brown and nude tones that matched our wall perfectly. But it needed some change. I needed some change! Luckily … Continue reading

DIY Color Blocking ChopSticks.

[Since I am a big fan of sushi and algae salad, you can always find chopsticks in our kitchen. To give them a colorful twist for an upcoming “Japanese Dinner” with friends, I decided to paint them with my favorite … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Carlotta’s Rhubarb Cake. Similiar one here.] Today is May 24th and it has been raining all day, all week. Pretty annoying..since we originally planned a big outdoor/BBQ party for the weekend. That calls for a change of plans but won’t … Continue reading

Price Tag.

[Beautiful Grey Prada Wallet via.] Currently, I am obsessed with the idea of a new wallet. I love wallets at least as much as I love purses. So it didn’t take long to find potential candidates. Too many candidates.. I … Continue reading

May 1st.

Today is May 1st, national holiday in Germany. So the boyfriend and I will join a huge group of friends for a day-long hike / geo-caching activity, spring picnic and drinks. I am so happy to spend the day outside … Continue reading

Fiesta, Fiesta!

We invited some of our closest friends to celebrate a colorful, fun and festive fiesta dinner party this Saturday night. Last night I started crafting some garlands and paper flowers in sunny colors to decorate our living room. I just … Continue reading