DIY Color Blocking ChopSticks.

[Since I am a big fan of sushi and algae salad, you can always find chopsticks in our kitchen. To give them a colorful twist for an upcoming “Japanese Dinner” with friends, I decided to paint them with my favorite … Continue reading

Roasted Potatoes.

[Do you remember the organic new potatoes I mentioned in the Sauce Hollandaise post? They are incredible yummy. To give them another twist, I decided to make roasted potatoes out of them – a great recipe for upcoming BBQs and … Continue reading

Sauce Hollandaise.

[Due to the long winter, the farmers just started this week to sell local asparagus. It is still really pricey, but I didn’t hesistate to buy some to prepare one of my favorite dishes: Asparagus with homemade sauce hollandaise. I … Continue reading

Easter Decoration: Marbled Votives.

I love Easter and I cannot wait for Sunday to arrive to have a great brunch with family and friends. Last years Easter Brunch was such a hit that everybody stayed until dinner, we talked, played board games and listened … Continue reading

Deux petite baguettes.

[The beautiful south of france in mind I’d love to share with you the essential food when it comes to french cuisine: Baguette. Crispy and golden outside, soft and light as air inside it is the best bread I know … Continue reading

Spring Decor.

[Lilac tulips and owl via] With too-good-to-believe springlike weather outside it’s time to open the windows, let the fresh air and the sunlight in and start decorating the appartement with fresh flowers and pastel colors. Here are seven wonderful/beautiful/lovely/inspiring … Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Today is all about flowers, chocolate, sweet notes and most important LOVE. I guess your are prefectly prepared for today, since you know what kind of flowers to get, what to bake, how to craft stationery … Continue reading

Frozen Banana.

[As most of you know, I am a big fan of fresh food. I think there is nothing better than preparing everything fresh and on time. But when it comes to our daily breakfast smoothie, it is all about preparation … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts.

Since Christmas is just around the corner I wanted to share some of my Christmas presents ideas. I assume it is often a difficult task to find something special for him, so I thought about collecting some ideas for male … Continue reading