Summery Ravioli Salad.

You know that I am a big fan of salads; I think it is the best way to brave the summer heat – food-wise. To change up our routine of green and veggie-only salads, I prepared a delicious and summery … Continue reading

Something green.

[Japanese Cucumber Salad via] As most of you guys know I am obsessed with salads. |Seen here, here and here| I just love food that is fresh, colorful and seems to make me feel better and healthier immediately. That … Continue reading

Eat. Delicious Tuesday. Goat cheese bruschetta.

The goat cheese and baguette we bought in France over the weekend were the perfect ingredients for an easy but excellent summer dish: Green salad with goat cheese bruschetta. [Slice baguette into pieces and sprinkle with olive oil.] [Crumble goat cheese … Continue reading

Eat. Delicious Tuesday. Jamie Oliver inspired Pizza.

Originally, I planned to post something totally different on this week’s Delicious Tuesday. But yesterday I saw a beautiful looking pizza on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals show. I had to try it immediately and it turned out just as great as … Continue reading