Easter Decoration: Marbled Votives.

7I love Easter and I cannot wait for Sunday to arrive to have a great brunch with family and friends. Last years Easter Brunch was such a hit that everybody stayed until dinner, we talked, played board games and listened to music. A dream for me since I love to be a hostess and to have my favorite people around. The boyfriend and I went to Luxemburg this week to buy lots of great french food like fresh goat cheese, tons of baguettes, croissants, pains au chocolat and the best salted butter I know. So we don’t have to prepare much more food-wise, so it is all left to the table decoration. I wanted to keep things fresh, happy and in aquamarine-tones, so I was thrilled to find this marbling instruction on Pinterest. A great way to upgrade some old votives and exactly what I’ve imagined for Sunday’s Easter Table.





Extra tip.

Although it is so much fun ( and easy ) to marble with nail polish, I wouldn’t recommend to do it as a craft project with your children, since the smell of the nail polish is pretty intense and doesn’t seem to be child-friendly / healthy. So grab your girlfriends / boyfriend / siblings instead and enjoy marbling votives, boxes, tags…

2 thoughts on “Easter Decoration: Marbled Votives.

    • Almost…You can’t really mix it, you just drop the nail polish into the water and it spans out over the whole surface. Then you can soak objects in it. But I shared the original tutorial via link in the post above if you’d like to find out more! Have a great day! 🙂

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